Chapter 14A kat true to his word

Razor stared at Dark Kat who still had an triumphant smile on his face as he looked at the timer of the trigger in his hands that counted down the last seconds. Then he looked at Razor and said:

“Face it, Swat Kat. You've lost. Prepare yourself to die.”

Suddenly Razor received Specter's call. He hoped that Specter was right and watched Dark Kat's facial reactions very carefully now. As soon as Dark Kat realized that the timer had stopped the smile on his face vanished. Before Dark Kat could do anything, Razor kicked against his hand which was holding the trigger. While the trigger was in midair Razor caught it and took a look for himself. The timer had stopped with three seconds remaining. He turned back to Dark Kat who was looking confused now. Razor relaxed for a moment.

Now it was his turn to smile triumphant.

“I don't think so, Dark Kat.” he said. “Looks like Doomsday has been canceled once again.”

“What?! But how did you,” Dark Kat started to ask.

“That's none of your business.” Razor replied.

Then T-Bone contacted him: “Razor, come in! What's your situation, buddy?”

“I've taken care of Dark Kat.” Razor replied. “He's ready for transportation.”

“Then let's hurry.” T-Bone said. “We have to make sure that Specter and Mr. Young are okay.”

“Affirmative. Let's stop by the Enforcer Headquarter on our way there to deliver Dark Kat.”

“My pleasure. Where should I pick you guys up?”

“At the mayor's office.” Razor said. “And hurry. Dark Kat's men are still in the building. Let's leave before they realize what happened.”

“Alright, I'll be there in a moment.”

T-Bone turned the Turbokat around and flew back to City Hall. The drones were no threat to him anymore as without instructions they just kept floating in the air. But Dark Kat's men were still firing at him from the windows.

The Behemoth's shield still worked perfectly and so he concentrated on maneuvering the jet towards the mayor's office. By doing so he missed to notice that suddenly one of Dark Kat's servants appeared with bazooka at one of the windows. The bazooka was loaded with an electrifying missile similar to Razor's Scrambler Missiles. The servant fired it and before T- Bone was able to initiate an evasive maneuver the jet got hit. Being overloaded, the batteries of the shield exploded taking the shield generator with it.

“Crud!” T-Bone shouted to himself for his lack of attention. “T-Bone, you idiot. How could you've been so careless?”

The engines of the Turbokat started to fail and the jet started to fall downwards.

Razor who had seen that something had gone wrong contacted him: “T-Bone, come in. Are you okay? What happened?”

“I've been hit by a missile which killed the shield. And now the engines are failing too.” T- Bone responded.

“Then eject! I'll find another way to get out of here somehow.” Razor shouted through the radio transceiver.

“Negative! I'm not ejecting.” T-Bone shouted back. “The Turbokat never failed me and it won't fail me this time.” He turned his full attention towards the controls and started talking to the Turbokat: “C'mon baby, I'm just asking for another tiny little miracle. Please, don't let me down. Just do it for good old T-Bone.”

He continued working on the controls and suddenly the engines fired up again. T-Bone pulled the flight stick back as hard as he could in order to ascent. The jet turned up just in time to avoid a collision with the building down below. As he got the jet in a stable position again he shouted joyfully: “I knew I could count on you!”

Then he accessed Razor's weapon system to get control of the cement machine gun as he didn't want to take any more chances when he made another attempt to get over to the mayor's office.

“Eat concrete, you freaks!” he shouted and fired the machine gun.

As the cement balls crashed through the windows Dark Kat's men hid behind cover. Those who were hit by a cement ball were smashed against the wall and glued there as the cement dried up pretty quickly. T-Bone used that moment of silence to get over to Razor. When he had reached his destination he kept the Turbokat floating and released a grappling hook which was immediately caught by Razor. Razor attached it to the rope with which Dark Kat had been tied up and jumped onto the right wing of the Turbokat. T-Bone opened the cockpit and Razor slipped in.

“Ready for a free ride, Dark Kat?” T-Bone asked. Before Dark Kat could respond anything he closed the cockpit and flew towards the Enforcer Headquarter. Dark Kat was dragged out of the window pretty rapidly.

A few minutes later they had reached the Enforcer Headquarter. T-Bone stopped the Turbokat right above the landing zone and lowered Dark Kat down. Dark Kat was immediately surrounded by the Enforcer troops which had hold the fort. Commander Feral stepped out of the front door as soon as he had been informed.

“Looks like your reign of terror is over, Dark Kat!” he said with a very grim look on his face. “You will be spent the rest of your nine lives behind bars.”

“Yeah, if you don't let him escape again, Feral.” T-Bone shouted down to him.

Feral looked up still having a grim look on his face: “I've overheard that this time, Swat Kat, because you've saved Megakat City. I don't know how you managed it, but you did a pretty good job there.”

“Gee, Feral. Did you just thank us?” Razor asked in his typical cheekily tone whenever he talked to Feral.

“Yes, I did.” Feral answered. “But don't start hugging me, alright?”

“Don't worry, Feral. We won't.” T-Bone replied.

“Well, we still have work to do.” Razor said. “So, see you next time.”

T-Bone closed the cockpit and turned the jet into the direction of Megakat Tower.

“Next stop, Young Digital Entertainment!” he shouted towards Razor and fired up the engines.

As they came closer to the tower Razor started to track Specter's signal. “Looks like he's on the third floor.” he said.

“Then let's get him out of there.” T-Bone replied.

Without the drones the Enforcers had already started to reclaim their ground. Having lost the upper hand and without the guidance of their leader, Dark Kat's men started to loose their courage and retreated district by district.

When Razor noticed what was going on down on the streets he said: “With this chaos down there it's probably best to land on the roof.”

“Affirmative.” T-Bone replied and flew their jet over to the landing pad which was normally used for small helicopters.

Once inside the building they've called the elevator.

“Let's split up.” T-Bone suggested “You go down into the sewers and get Mr. Young out of there. I'll go look after Specter.”

“Wanna save your favorite game developer?” Razor asked with a cheeky tone. “Would you please shut up, Razor. I'm sure he's fine... I hope.”

A few moments earlier down at the third floor, Hard Drive had just regained his consciousness. He slowly stood up, left the elevator and leaned against a wall in order to avoid falling down on the ground again. As he slowly came back to his senses he realized that he didn't wear his Surge Coat anymore. This enraged him so much such that he didn't notice that the elevator had started ascending towards the penthouse floor shortly after its doors had been closed.

“Why this... dirty, rotten... Swat Kat...” he mumbled as he walked slowly towards the server room like a drunk. “Where is he? No one... touches... that Surge Coat... except me!”

As he came closer to the server room he started to feel the pain in his face. Specter had hit him pretty hard. “Ouch, ow... He's gonna pay for that too.”

Finally he reached the server room and found Specter laying on the floor in the middle of the room. As he saw him wearing his coat his rage went beyond any measure.

“You!” he shouted and stumbled over to Specter who was still unconscious. When he had reached him Hard Drive let himself fall onto his knees. “If that coat has taken only one tiny scratch...” He rolled Specter over on his back, opened the coat and inspected it. After he was sure that the coat hadn't taken any damage he looked at Specter and said: “You're lucky. Looks like you haven't damaged it.” Then he took it off from Specter's body. Once finished he started placing his hands around Specter's neck. “Therefore, I'll make this quick.”

Suddenly, someone grabbed the collar of his T-Shirt and pulled him up. Then he saw a very angry looking T-Bone right in front of him.

“So you are still the same coward, I see.” T-Bone said angrily. “Still foul playing when having the upper hand, eh? Well, it is time to teach you some manners!”

T-Bone pulled him up even higher until Hard Drive could stand on his feet. Then he let him go, formed his right hand to a fist and raised it to Hard Drive's eye level.

“This is for trying to break my partner's neck!” he shouted and punched Hard Drive in the face. Before Hard Drive could fall to the ground T-Bone grabbed him with his left hand. Then he switched hands and prepared his left fist for the next blow. “This is for trying to kill us with these blasted drones!” T-Bone shouted. Then he punched him and switched hands again. “This is for wreaking havoc on Megakat City.” One punch later, T-Bone prepared for the final blow. He held his fist in front of Hard Drive's face who was just barely conscious now and shouted: “And this one... is for assaulting my favorite game developer.” Hard Drive saw how T-Bone's fist quickly came closer, then everything went dark for him.

Still having Hard Drive in his grip, T-Bone was radioed by Razor: “T-Bone, I've found Mr. Young.”

“That's good to hear.” T-Bone replied. “And I found Specter right on time. Hard Drive just tried to break his neck.”

“Where is Hard Drive now?”

“Right in front of me.” T-Bone answered. “Don't worry. He won't be going anywhere.”

“Good.” Razor said relieved. “Take him and Specter back to the Turbokat. Be careful when you deliver Hard Drive to Feral. Maybe he wants to hug you in return this time.”

“Yeah.” T-Bone answered amused. “I'll keep that in mind. But what about you?”

“I'll take the jet boat that Specter has parked down here to get Mr. Young somewhere save.” Razor explained. “I'll see you back at the hangar.”

“Right. Take care, buddy.”

Back at the scrapyard, T-Bone placed Specter into the bed on which he had been sleeping between his training sessions. T-Bone removed the helmet and the mask from Specter as well as his harness such that he could rest a bit more comfortable.

“How is he doing?” Razor asked.

“He looks good to me.” T-Bone answered. “I think he just needs some rest. Don't know what he did with Hard Drive's Surge Coat, but it sure was very exhausting. Wish we could take him to the hospital though.”

“Me too,” Razor agreed. “But you know that they have to take care of too many injured there already. As long as his state isn't getting worse he's probably better off with us.”

Both watched him for while. When Razor intended to leave the room, Matthew's sleep was getting uneasy. Then he opened his eyes. Obviously being confused he looked around and asked: “Where am I?”

“Back at the scrapyard.” T-Bone answered. “How do you feel, Matthew?”

“Fine, I guess.” Matthew replied. “Can you fetch me a glass of water, please? I feel like I haven't drunk anything for days.”

“Sure, I'll get you some. Just wait a moment.” Razor said and left the room.

“When I found you, you were out cold.” T-Bone told him. “Do you remember anything what happened back at Megakat Tower?”

“I think... I do... yes.” Matthew replied, still fighting his tiredness. “But would you please give me a few minutes to put myself back together?”

“Sure, I don't want to put the bite on ya.”

Matthew went up carefully and then kept sitting at the edge of the bed. He looked down at the ground and then swept with his hands through his face. Razor came back with a glass of water.

“Here is your water, Matthew.”

“Thanks, Razor.” Matthew replied and took the glass that Razor was reaching him. He slowly drank it and then took a few deep breaths.

“Are you feeling a bit better now?” T-Bone asked.

“Yes, I do, T-Bone.” Matthew answered. “And to answer your previous question, yes, I think I remember what happened before I passed out.” He paused for a moment and then continued: “I guess we've been successful, right? I mean I feel horrible at the moment, but we are still alive, aren't we?”

“Yes, we all are.” T-Bone said. “But you were especially lucky.”

“What do you mean?” Matthew asked.

“Hard Drive was about to break your neck when I found you. Guess he didn't like it that you knocked him out and took his Surge Coat from him. You should have restrained him, you know.”

“I'll keep that in mind next time when I'm pressured by a ridiculous time limit.” Matthew replied. “I guess you gave him a good beating and saved my life. So I owe you one, right?”

“Hard Drive got what I had promised to you back at the hospital. And no, you don't owe me anything. You saved Razor's and my life earlier, remember? Not to mention all the people which still had been in Megakat City when Dark Kat had taken it over.”

“I did?” Matthew asked thoughtful. “I guess it was the least I could do after putting all of you in great danger with Sally.”

“What happened to Sally anyway?” Razor asked. “She ceased to exist.” Matthew said sadly. “What do you mean by that?” T-Bone asked.

“When I was inside the server... in Cyberspace,“ Matthew started to explain. “I... I initialized a clean sweep after I've stopped the countdown to make sure that it could not be started again. This also affected the data stored inside the servers at Megakat Tower. In short, I've sacrificed my whole work to save Megakat City.”

“So what about the game you were working on?” T-Bone asked further.

“Forget about it.” Matthew replied, looking at T-Bone with a sad smile on his face. “With Sally gone it would take a lot of time until we would be able to complete it. And with what I've seen and experienced I cannot and will not continue working on it.”

T-Bone looked surprised and disappointed, but he understood Matthew's decision quite well. “Now, if you don't mind, I'll lay down again and get some more sleep, okay?”

“Of course, Matthew. You've earned it.” T-Bone replied with a smile on his face.