Chapter 3“This is what it's all about... playing games!”

In Dark Kats hideout Hard Drive sat in front of a computer console and monitored the ongoing attack at the golf course.

“I've always wondered why a golf course has to have nine or eighteen holes.” he said amused. “I think I add a few more to this one.”

“We are not here to play games, Hard Drive!” Dark Kat said admonished, standing behind him.

“But this is what it's all about... playing games!” Hard Drive countered. “That's what the AI is meant for.”

“Yes, but we have much bigger plans for it!” Dark Kat replied angrily.

Hard Drive shortly raised his eyelids and said: “I know, I know. You keep telling me that all day long. But your plan needs the Swat Kats to show up for this and they will. Until then, I'll play.”

Then Hard Drive started laughing.

In the meantime T-Bone and Razor were back in the air, flying towards the golf course.

“We are almost there!” T-Bone shouted.

“Okay, I'm trying to get an analysis on one of those flying objects.” Razor responded. “There! Got it!”

On Razor's screen a schematic of the object was displayed.

“What have you got, buddy?” T-Bone asked.

“Well, I think we can remove alien invaders from the list of attackers. This one seems to be a drone.” Razor summarized his quick analysis.

“A drone? Really?” T-Bones asked surprised. “I wonder from where it came from.”

“Wish I knew. Maybe we should catch up with it and ask.” Razor joked.

“Yeah, really funny. See if you can get a lock on one of them, will ya?”

“Already at it. Just another moment aaaand, got a lock on it. Let's see how it handles this.” Razor pushed a button on his console and shouted: “Slicer Missile, away!”

A Slicer Missile was fired from the Turbokat and headed directly towards one of the drones. Just before the missile could hit it, the drone made a quick evasive maneuver, dodging the missile which hit a large tree on the golf course instead.

“You missed him, Sure-shot!” T-Bone shouted.

“So I've noticed. That thing maneuvers faster then everything I've seen before.”

Back at Dark Kats hideout, Hard Drive started smiling.

“Seems like the Swat Kats have finally joined our little game.”

Dark Kat immediately took a closer look at the monitors.

“Predictable as always.” he said. “We should give them a warm welcome, don't you think?”

Hard Drive started laughing again.

“Let's see if they are really a challenge for Sally.” he said and typed a few commands into the console.

On one of the monitors the lines 'Activate swarm intelligence. Switch to aggressive formation behavior.' appeared.

The drones at the golf course regrouped like a little swarm of wasps and started attacking the Turbokat with their laser guns.

“Whoa!” T-Bone shouted. “I think they don't appreciate that you've just fired a missile at one of them.”

T-Bone initiated an evasive maneuver since some laser beams from the drones almost hit the Turbokat. “Razor! Would you please do something against these things? I don't know how long I can hold them off!”

“What do you think I'm doing?” Razor replied “Let's see... They are flying in a very close formation. Maybe a load of Mini Missiles will do the trick. If they try to evade them they may even collide with each other.” Razor hit the fire button and a dozen Mini Missiles were fired rapidly into the drone swarm. The drones evaded the approaching missiles keeping enough distance from each other so that no drone was hit at all.

“They've just evaded my missiles without taking a scratch!” Razor shouted and assumed: “They must be communicating with each other, telling where they're gonna be.”

“That's just great! Now what?” T-Bone asked, slowly getting nervous.

“Increase the distance to them.” Razor ordered. “I need to analyze the data of the drone more precisely.”

“Are you kidding me?” T-Bone shouted. “No matter what I do, they keep sticking on our tail!”

In that moment a round of machine gun bullets were fired from somewhere and one of the drones suddenly exploded.

“What the,” T-Bone started to say while he looked into the direction from where the bullets came from. A squadron of Enforcer choppers had arrived at the scene.

Commander Feral's voice was suddenly shouting through their radio transceiver: “This is Commander Feral. The Enforcers will handle this!”

“Seems like the cavalry has arrived.” T-Bone said into Razor's direction. “I never thought that I would be glad to see the Enforcers joining a fight.”

“Swat Kats,” Feral's voice shouted through the radio transceiver again. “Leave this area at once. This is Enforcer business!”

“Wish we could Feral,” T-Bone responded. “But these things won't let us get away.”

“Let's see for how long.” Feral replied. “Fire!”

The Enforcer choppers started firing at the drones. Aware of the new players in the game, the drones evaded the shots and immediately started increasing distance to each other. But they still kept on following the Turbokat.

“It's of no use, Feral!” T-Bone shouted through the radio transceiver. “Before you hit one of them, you'll be hitting us!”

Suddenly one of the drones left the formation and started flying around the Enforcer choppers very quickly. With the precision of a surgeon it fired its laser beams at their rotors. The choppers being hit were falling down like stones, forcing their crew members to eject. Luckily, the people at the golf course had already fled the scene, so that the choppers didn't hit anyone when they crashed down.

Razor focused on analyzing the data of the drone. “These drones seem to be fortified rather lightly.” he noticed. “That gives me an idea! T-Bone, fly up and give maximum power to the engines!”

“What are you up to now, buddy?” T-Bone asked.

“I will drop some EMP-Missiles and activate them manually, so that they'll explode inside the swarm.”

“You really think that will work?” T-Bone asked skeptical.

“I know, this sounds desperate, but do you have any better ideas?” Razor asked back.

“No, I don't. Initializing ascending maneuver! I hope you know what you are doing, buddy.”

“Me too, pal.” Razor responded and then radioed Feral. “Feral, keep your choppers away from us. We're gonna need some space here.”

As the Turbokat flew towards the sky Razor dropped the EMP-Missiles which crossed path with the drone swarm like he had planned. When he activated them a huge dose of energy was set free, electrifying the drones, frying their circuits. Without having control over themselves they fell from the sky like dead flies.

“Bingo!” Razor shouted excited. “Now let's get the last one!”

“Yeah.” T-Bone agreed. “Let's end this.”

T-Bone stopped ascending the Turbokat and gently turned it back towards the ground. Suddenly Razor shouted: “There it is! Look! It's at Feral's tail now. Get closer, T-Bone!” “And do what?”

“I'll try to shoot a Power Draining Missile at that thing. Since it has a lock on Feral and cannot be warned by the others we might have a chance to hit it.”

“Why don't we just blast it?”

“Because we need to know what we are up against,” Razor explained. “And the circuits of the other drones have been toasted. This missile will only kill its battery but not fry its circuits.”

“Okay, then take your best shot.”

“I sure will. Just keep the jet steady and get as close as possible. The closer we get, the better the chances are that it can't evade the missile.”

After the Turbokat came close enough to the drone, Razor fired the Power Draining Missile. It hit the drone and released a small parachute. Both, the missile and the drone were parachuted down towards the ground.

“Got it!” Razor shouted. “Now let's pick it up and take a closer look at it.”