War Games A SWAT Kats Story By Walter Heil With Illustrations By Jan Rathje

Video games are a nice way to spend your time, aren't they? Nothing serious, right? That's what Matthew Doubt, a very talented game developer in Megakat City, thought too.

Until the code of his self-learning artificial intelligence system for his new game is stolen and drones start to attack the city soon after. Once again, Megakat City is in desperate need for the SWAT Kats to set things straight.

But are T-Bone and Razor ready to face an enemy who is able to come up with counteractions for all weapons and tactics they have at their disposal? Or can the Enforcers handle this? What roles are Dark Kat and Hard Drive playing in this game and what about Matthew's past?

There's only one way to find out…

War Games

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